Imperial College Christian Union


14/02/2014: Statement regarding the ICCU committee election process

The student newspaper of Imperial College, felix, have brought to our attention that we are not in accordance with Union Bye-Laws with regards to the committee election procedure which was emailed to our mailing list on Tuesday 11th February, 2014.

For many years the Union allowed us to follow a procedure which was outlined in our constitution, whereby the outgoing committee decided the new committee, and this was ratified by the CU membership. If the proposed committee didn't get ratified by a two-thirds majority, then positions would have to be elected individually. However in October 2012, the Union made new rules outlined in their revamped Bye-Laws. We hadn’t realised that these rules had come into place, and as far as we thought, our constitution was still within Union rules. This is something we must take responsibility for. We have met with the Union, and they have been very helpful in offering to work with us to update the constitution as soon as possible, for which we’re very grateful.

This means that the election of the new committee will be delayed and new procedures will be followed. We hope and pray that through this, the strongest possible committee will get elected. We will email further details on this as soon as possible.

We would like to apologise to our members and anyone else affected, and also express our thanks to felix for bringing this to our attention, and to the Union who have been immensely helpful and are working with us as we amend our constitution in light of the revamped Union Bye-Laws.

This will leave the CU with many uncertainties regarding the next few weeks. What remains certain however is that Jesus Christ is our risen Lord and Saviour, and that he has commissioned us to preach the wonderful news of the gospel to Imperial College and beyond. We pray that this matter will not hinder us in this mission.

The Christian Union is a society of the Imperial College Union. We come together for fellowship, prayer, Bible study and to tell other students about the good news that God's son Jesus Christ has died and risen again to save everyone who believes in him from their sins.

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